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Point Final

Education to eliminate impaired driving.

How it Works with the Court

Program Eligibility


Prosecutors determine an offender's eligibility for the program based on an analysis of the accused person's criminal profile and motivation to follow a demanding program aimed at changing their behavior.


Following the court session, a team member meets with the offender to communicate the program criteria and requirements.


Previous participation in the program or any charge involving bodily harm or death disqualifies the accused person.

Regions & territories served

Island of Montreal:

Please note:  If your case is not listed in one of the courthouses above, your lawyer must receive approval from the Crown prosecutors in that judicial district.

meeting hours

Per Service Point

Head Office (Montreal)

7105 Saint Hubert Street, Suite 202, Montréal, Qc H2S 2N1


1015 Curé-Labelle Blvd, Blainville, Qc J7C 2M2
In the church basement


50 Thouin Street, Porte E, Repentigny, Qc J6A 4J4

Program Description

Point Final offers an educational program for individuals accused of driving, or having care or control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

For first time offenders, the program is for a period of 17 or 21 weeks. This is determined by the Crown prosecutor and the Point Final team.

For repeat offenders, the program length varies from 26 to 50 weeks. This is also determined by the Crown prosecutor and the Point Final team.

Since the program is generally offered as an alternative to a prison sentence, the approval of the Crown prosecutors is mandatory.

For the duration of the program, all participants are required to attend (without fail) the 45-minute education and awareness modules on a weekly basis and at set times. As well, each participant is required to attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meetings and demonstrate this to the Point Final team.

Program Objectives

Our short term goal is to inform and educate participants about the consequences of driving with diminished capacities through our educational intervention program.

Our long term goal is to eliminate recidivism for all participants and to encourage them to become positive examples in their respective homes and communities concerning driving with diminished capacities.

Weekly Point Final meetings incorporate some of the following topics:

Transfer of knowledge

  • Laws and penalties related to impaired driving
  • Costs associated with impaired driving
  • Understanding blood alcohol levels and their impact on driving
  • The use of the breathalyzer
  • Alcohol, drugs, addiction and mental health

Sharing & Awareness

  • Testimonials from victims of impaired driving
  • Group discussions on cases of impaired driving and their consequences
  • Review of current stories in the news 
  • Activities with adapted glasses to simulate an impaired state

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