Our History

In 1988, the Point Final program was proposed by the Miller family to the Montreal Municipal Court. The goal was to provide an alternative sentencing measure for repeat offenders of impaired driving. 

Founded by Bryan Miller, the goal was to help repeat offenders with their addiction and to educate them about the negative consequences of impaired driving. Based on its success, the program was soon offered in group settings. Bryan’s brother, Barry Miller, joined Point Final as an interventionist.

Since 1988, the laws regarding impaired driving have changed and our program has been adapted to convey these changes. In addition to repeat offenders, the program now accepts first time offenders in order to educate them on how to avoid a repeat offence of impaired driving.

Today, Point Final is still operated by the Miller family, respecting the values on which the program was founded.

Point Final is a charitable organization that provides professional and confidential services.

« Driving impaired is not "bad luck", it is a choice. Accepting that is the first step towards change.»

Kim Miller


Point Final Management Team

Kim Miller


Amanda Chiu

Head of Brand and Finance Management

Kim Miller

Présidente - Directrice générale

Debbie Miller

Vide-présidente opérations

Amanda Chiu

Chef de la gestion de marque et des finances

Linda Miller

Vice-présidente recherche

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